About Kathey

As a kid I loved a camera—any camera. From an antique Kodak Brownie 2, through my mother’s Brownie Hawkey, a number of Kodak Instamatics, a few point and shoots from Canon, Kodak, and Sony, on to Nikon N90, into digital with Nikon E990, on to a Nikon E5400 to my current Nikon D5300. In my preteens I had a basic darkroom where I developed my own rolls of film and made contact prints. As I got older other cultural, sport and social activities kept me busy… ballet, swimming and diving, and girlfriends & boyfriends. College, marriage and career followed and photography took a back seat—actually, a way-back seat. Professionally, my career as a Graphic Designer kept me in touch but not up close to the lens. But travel, vacations and living 20 years in Key West, FL gave me some amazing subject matter. I experimented with digital imaging techniques but always had to set aside my personal creativity for my professional work. A few years ago my husband and I retired and moved to Baja California, Mexico. We live overlooking the ocean. The view of the Pacific and the Coronado Islands is spectacular. On the road trip to move here I purchased my Nikon D5300… so I shoot photographs.